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After your surgery, you will be brought to the recovery room. A recovery room nurse will care for you and monitor you. You may experience some nausea or vomiting following surgery. This is not unusual and our recovery nurses will try to keep you as comfortable as possible. Other symptoms related to surgery and anaesthesia include shivering, headache, muscle soreness, sore throat, nervousness, or sleepiness. These symptoms usually resolve within 24 hours. If you have pain, be sure to tell the nurse. Medication can be given to ease your pain.

Recovery times vary from person to person, usually around 1-2 hours. Our staff want to be sure that you are ready to go home before you are discharged or, if you are being admitted, transferred to your room.

Professor Purkayastha usually will come and see you and speak to you in recovery about your surgery. You may be still recovering from the anaesthetic and may feel a little sleepy or disorientated so usually Professor Purkayastha usually will also come and see you once you are back in your room and go over things again with you so you are clear about what was done for you during the procedure.

If you are going home on the day of surgery (for minor surgical procedures)

When you are awake, able to drink fluids, and walk safely, you will be discharged. All patients are discharged by wheelchair through the Main Hospital Lobby. The person who drives you home can pick you up at the Main Entrance. Advise that person to check with the staff at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby if you are not in the lobby.

If you are being admitted to the hospital (for medium and major surgery)

If you are admitted to the hospital, you will stay in the recovery room until you are ready to go to your room. Staff will make sure that your belongings are transported to your room. The Second Floor of the hospital is the inpatient unit for patients having surgery, as well as acute private admissions.
Your family and friends are welcome to visit you in your room. You also may have a family member stay with you in your room with prior arrangements made with the nursing staff. They can check with the Information Desk in the Main Lobby for your room number. If you need home care nursing services, this will be arranged for you prior to discharge by the case manager assigned to you.

Being discharged

Professor Purkayastha’s team will have your medications for discharge prepared after surgery for your discharge, sometimes there can be delays with pharmacy deliveries but we endeavour to have all your medication ready by 9am so that you are able to be discharged by 1130am.

Post operative care / instructions

On discharge, please give Professor Purkayastha the best contact number for you as he or one of his team will call you the evening after your discharge to see how you are getting on. They will also call you the following day and usually at five days post operatively.
Professor Purkayastha usually follow’s up his patients in the private outpatients clinic approximately 10 days after surgery as well.

Stitches / clips

Your skin incisions will have been closed with either absorbable stitches and glue or small metal clips (depending on which procedure is being carried out and the nature of the surgery and the size of the incisions). In general for minor laparoscopic surgery the former is used and do not need to be removed. Clips will need to be removed 7-10 days after surgery which can be carried out back to the hospital where you had you surgery but in the outpatients department or by your GP nurse whichever you prefer.

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